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About the author

Edgardo García. Electronic Engineer (Buenos Aires University), heavily interested in:

  • programming in any flavor;
  • digital image processing;
  • graphic technology, specially digital color encoding and process.

I was passionate about electronics when young (I designed and built my first digital alarm clock completely on my own using TTL technolgy when I was 15, and a digital frequencimeter when I was 17), but being hard to innovate in a barely industrialized country, and my growing interest in the first home computers (Timex Sinclair 1000, Commodore 64, guess my age) rose in me another passion: programming.

This way, about the middle of my college studies, electronics stopped being my hobby to became my profession; void was filled by learning the art of programming computers, to the point to make a software project my degree thesis: a Prolog interpreter (what is that?) written in C for DOS. Anyway, for quite some time I didn’t consider myself an orthodox programmer; I used it as any engineer would, as a tool useful to solve certain problems.

Nevertheless, entering editorial business about 1994 allowed me to meet a completely ignored world: graphics, and a kind a computer I never saw before: Macintosh. I was astonished by Photoshop processing power ever since, and invested a lot of time in my third passion: digital processes applied to graphics.

As a consequence, my professional profile ended up shaped by these various sources of interest.

Currently I’m working as an Editorial & IT Manager at Editorial Atlántida-Televisa, attending several magazines graphics requirements (many of our products operate in a self publishing manner, i.e. they produce pages at industry-standard specifications, along with color proofs, completely in-house), as well as supporting finance & accounting systems and company web sites. Particularly, I am designer and project leader of Nimbus, the main digital asset and production managing system used inside the company.

I also work as a associate professor of two subject specific to the Graphics Production career at Fundación GutenbergDigital Graphics Processes and Color Management.

I am a regularly invited lecturer at Color Management Forum, a two-day event held by this very Fundation every other year, where several specialists expose their fundamentals, experiences and news about digital color management.

Last (but not leasr), I am a private consultant and trainer about color, color management, graphic applications, Apple technology and digital workflows, and my clients are usually photo studios, editorial companies and print shops.

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