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Welcome to rgbcmyk.

cropped-rgbcmyk.icon_-e1461982891157.pngDigital technology brought a bevy of posibilites hard to imagine several years ago, but it didn't do so much to bring light over the things it rules on.

According to my experience in the graphic business, lots of people use this technology carelessly, eager for results, without any interest of the underlying ideas of their respective processes.

This is not good (nor bad either), if we realize that few people think about thermodynamics when they open a refrigerator, or electrons forming electric current when its inner light bulb turns on.

Nevertheless, some additional knowledge is always useful, specially if it relates to our work, and that additional knowledge allows me to get some extra quality.

For all the above, rgbcmyk is an attempt of getting that "extra" quality by means of short posts about the topics I'm interested in: color, numbers, and their synthesis, digital images, those devices made of color but codified as numbers. Another topics may also show up, even loosely related to the former, when it seems convenient. My students attending Fundación Gutenberg may be readers of these posts, although photographers, designers, and almost any person curious enough may be readers as well. Wish those readers (in case they exist) find this information useful.

Please, be my guest.


Edgardo García.

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